The Unfair Contract Terms Regime

Are you Ready for the Extension of the Unfair Contract Terms Regime to Franchise Agreements?

As Licensees this new legislation may be very helpful in years to come.

In Brief

Since 2010, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and the ASIC Act have prohibited and made void terms in standard form contracts with consumers that were unfair.

Are you a Licensee with a letters only Mail Contract

that does not include parcels? Are you being dictated to deliver parcels up to 2kg as "letters" on your mail contract run for no increased payment? There is a bunch of Licensees in Tasmania who have found the goal posts relocated before their very eyes. They are looking to hear from Licensees with the same problem in other states. Or is this something unique to Tasmania?

Oh the Irony.......

The new government will not be decided until Australia Post delivers all the postal votes!

So we have the balance of power for the government in our network!

Time to make all political parties well aware of how important Australia's postal system is to the running of the country.

Imagine if we don't bother? There is no digital solution that will by pass this need for the physical system to deliver.

Lets hope this is a strong message that sits on many desks in Canberra for a long while to come.

Issues of Concern for LPOG Members

LPOG Members acknowledge that we have made great inroads into improving our business outcomes since we decided enough was enough in March 2013. Since those early days we have had a lot of political support, and a lot of movement from Australia Post to improve the payments made to many LPOs. The combined results of increased minimum payments, introduction of scanning payments, increases in street carded article payments, POB advances and the lifts in the BPR from 60c to $1 have made significant improvements for most Licensees. The financial results have allowed many of us to remain open, and in a lot of cases, returned the LPO to a viable position.

However we all knew that without a complete overhaul of our agreement it would not be long before we started slipping backwards again. We have seen Australia Post clawing back these hard won gains at every conceivable opportunity. 6 months on from the BPR rise to $1 and there is a glacial pace being adopted in regard to payment reform, and that is now causing a lot of concern for LPOG members. The fight to restore our industry to a viable position was not about short term gains. We are looking for a commercial rewarding and secure future for our Billion dollar investments.

Are you a POMshead?

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Have you worked out how to run this, and get stuff the rest of the Licensee network should know about and use to help run the LPO.

July 2016 Election

There has been many request from members about who LPOG will support in the upcoming election. The short answer is any party that supports Licensees.

There are some standout champions for our cause, and for staying power it would be difficult to find better allies for us than Qld LNP Senator Barry O'Sullivan and SA Senator Nick Xenophon. These two have really led the charge to keep our issues alive and active in Canberra. However LPOG members have spent the last 4 years building support with politicians from every party. It is fair to say we have probably focused on the Senate as they have a broader state view of our issues, rather than individual electorates.