POMS Volunteer Testers Required

UPDATE (03/09/15): Submissions are closed. Thank you for all who registered.

Get involved in the LiPOMS Replacement Project!

As part of the LiPOMS Replacement Project, LPOG has agreed to put forward 20 Licensees to help the project team conduct testing so that a sample of Licensees across the network will have their new payment data reconciled against the existing LiPOMS system data.  

The volunteers will simply need to complete a self-pay transaction at the end of the last trading day of the month for three consecutive payment periods. Volunteers will also be provided with a copy of the reconciliation data and it is expected that all the differences between the payment data from the existing system and the new payment system will be identified and explained. Licensees will not be tasked with data reconciliation as this is being done by the LiPOMS Replacement Project Team.

Good News From APLAC

The National Australia Post Licensees Advisory Council held its latest meeting on the 17th and 18th August in Melbourne. As a current National Director, and a past Director for a prior 6 years, I was thrilled with the presentations and potential ideas presented at the most recent meeting.

Almost every presentation was directed at improving Licensees margins, offering new products that drive customers into our retail shops, or provide direct ongoing commissions for customer engagements in digital forms. For a long time we have been a very dispirited lot, with just cause. I cannot ever remember leaving an APLAC meeting feeling as excited and enthused as I did last week.

As a Licensees it is pretty good to be feeling positive about the future of my business for a change.

LPOG Wantirna Meeting

LPOG would like to thank CEO Ahmed Fahour, EGM Christine Corbett and EGM Greg Sutherland, and the many Licensees that attended the meeting in Wantirna on the afternoon of 15 August, despite the threat of having to negotiate through a possible angry mob. As if Licensees didn't have enough problems to deal with! Now it seems that the Unions want to add to our troubles.

LPOG AGM and Gala Dinner Weekend

Special Announcement: Senator Nick Xenophon and former Father of the Senate Ron Boswell will be speaking at the Gala Dinner

UPDATE: Final RSVP Date: 28/09/2015 - Don't miss out!

That time of the year again, when we sign off on the year that has been at the AGM, and gather together to celebrate our achievements with the LPOG Gala Dinner.

The Qld Committee has been working up a storm to equal the efforts of the Vic Team last year. The day will start at 10am with a Suppliers Day, with a range of LPO friendly suppliers showcasing their products. More news of this when details are confirmed. As this is a long weekend for many of us, there is also a range of activities suggested for Sunday, with a dinner cruise also booked for Sunday evening. So please come to Brisbane to enjoy a mix of business and pleasure with celebrations and fun on the agenda. Your welcome to come adorned in your favourite footy outfit, for a bit of footy finals fever too.

This year the vote was for the AGM to be held in Brisbane over the October long weekend, which does clash with both football codes holding their grand finals later than usual. For all the AFL footy fans, the event will be held at the Kedron Wavell Services Club, and there is bound to be big screens showcasing the main AFL games. The NRL final is being held on Sunday evening. Those of us on the Dinner Cruise will be sure to hear all about it the next day!

Did you get a letter from POAAL?

Licensees are reporting the receipt of letters from POAAL with an attached pro-forma , requesting Licensees sign the pro-forma and send it to the ACCC, to complain about "Australia Post's breach of its good faith obligations". Apparently POAAL takes exception to the fact that Australia Post has finally agreed to give Licensees a choice about who is best able to represent their interests. 

Changing the LPO Agreement to amend the definition of the word "Association" was a Senate Recommendation.

The recommendations were handed down in September 2014 by the Senate Committee, along with some telling advice for Licensees.

Apart from many questionable dot points on the covering letter targeting Australia Post and "other groups", the sheer fact that POAAL wants Licensees to complain about having a choice in representative bodies is just astonishing. Seriously?

The inclusion of LPOG as an association representing Licensees required an amendment to the LPO Agreement, because POAAL saw fit to hard-code themselves as the only named 'Association' in the original LPO Agreement over 22 years ago. Which effectively made POAAL mandatory. Who did that ever benefit? Only POAAL it has to be said.

Representation Choices For Licensees

During the last few months there seems to have been an ever increasing cascade of newsletters coming from POAAL.

These email seem to be directed to any email address that has been captured over the past few years, divorced members or not. 

The content of these newsletters has caused a fair bit of mirth, and in some cases, real concern among LPOG members, who worry that POAAL may still be able to claim that they represent LPOG members.

Please be assured that even though POAAL may like to state that:

"POAAL looks after all Licensees - regardless of where their business is located or how big their business is. We have an unmatched record of looking after Licensees' business interests"

It is quite possible that POAAL's record at looking after Licensees' business interests is unmatched, (thankfully) if one takes into account the opinions of the Senate Committee, and hundreds of Licensees, but it is simply not the case that POAAL looks after all Licensees. POAAL is no longer authorised to make decisions on behalf of the general Licensee body. As they rightly published in their recent News Flash, prior to the amendment to the agreement of the definition of the word "Association", that exclusive position has ended.

For some time now working Licensees, with a solid understanding of the business, deal directly with Australia Post management, and work through the needs of our Licensees and have finally been able to achieve long overdue payment reforms.

LPO Key Cutting Machine Offer from Australia Post

KABA Key Cutting Machine offer reviewed.

Recently Licensees that are members of APLAC would have received notification of an offer to purchase a Key Cutting Machine with a group discount price. Licensees may also have seen the machine at the recent round of LPO Conferences. 

One of our members has done some research, and reports that the offer appears to be one of AP’s better offerings, if you think you have a market for key cutting in your area.

Competitive Insurance is Finally Here

For many years LPOs have been unable to get any real alternative deals for our insurance needs. Many Licensees have been convinced that to get Public Liability cover you needed to pay membership fees to POAAL. Quotes for business insurance seemed to fall within dollars of each other. It seemed like a very closed market.

Then along came LPOG and competition was established!

Last year Willis Australia offer a substantial discount to LPOG members for Public Liability cover as part of the LPOG membership. LPOG did shop around and the discount offered by Willis was the best by far, of the 3 main providers in our industry insurance.

This year, one of the other insurance options is offering Public Liability cover for $5 less to LPOG members than Willis is offering. The POAAL option is still substantially more, but also less than last year.