About LPO Group Limited

Australia Post has one of the largest networks of retail outlets in Australia, numbering over 4000.

Licensed Post Offices are Post Offices run under License from Australia Post by everyday working Australian families, and form 80% of the network, or around 2,980 outlets, both rural and urban.

These LPOs generate a turnover of over $1.5 billion and employ around 10,000 Australians.

The LPO Group was created to provide an essential avenue for Post Office Licensees to communicate with each other across the nation.

This website has been established to facilitate such communication as a quick and cheap medium, allowing Licensees to network. It is intended to provide a forum where we can help each other by offering support, information and help in dealing with problems and issues that we all face to some degree in our industry. It will also give us the ability to spread information and news quickly to each other and provide a useful tool for resource sharing.

The LPO group will also unite us in many ways:

  1. As a Buying Group able to negotiate group discounts for products, insurance, travel etc.
  2. As a united front to face legitimate disputes with A P by establishing a support committee and a fund, with contributions from Licensees, for such support.
  3. To Ensure that the representative body which negotiates and consults on our behalf with Australia Post actually acts on our behalf FOR OUR BENEFIT.
  4. To provide Legal Opinion and find remedies for AP's questionable conduct such as unfair marketing techniques.
  5. To provide solutions for challenges within the industry from growing competition, recession etc. Access to this website is open to all.

There are active contacts for the LPO Group in all states. In due course this affiliation of Licensee will form an association to represent our needs within our Industry. If you are a Post Office Licensee, this is your group, your website. Your support by enrolling as a subscribing member will certainly help the organisation develop and evolve to what you want it to be.

Our Constitution can be downloaded here.