About This Website

Version 2.0

Welcome to LPOGroup website.

This site is the online HQ for LPOG and is a hub of online activity for Members. The main site features include LPOG news and event reminders and online Forums.

Forums are where most of the discussions occur. All LPOG Members can post new topics in the forums and reply to existing topics or to the comments of other members.

When you have successfully registered on the website (with your LPOG Membership Number) Members Only News articles will appear in the LPOG News list on the left panel and the home screen. Also Members Only Forums become accessible.

Steps for gaining Members Only access to this website:

  1. Financial Members can Register an account on lpogroup.com.au which requires your Membership Number. (Don't use your real name as the username at this stage). Instructional Video
  2. Once your website registration has been received, LPOG will verify it's validity and activate your website privileges.
  3. You will get an email with a link that allows you to set up a password and from there you can access all the members only content and forums.

Can we comment on News Articles? You can comment on some articles. If there is an area to comment at the bottom of an article then yes, otherwise it has been disabled for that particular article. Generally speaking Members Only News Articles will have comments turned on, all other Articles will have comments disabled.

Why Forums? Forums are a much neater way to host discussions and pose questions. If there is an active forum topic and it relates to an LPOG News Article, we can provide a link to that particular forum topic discussion. 

Will the site work on iPad and iPhone? The site will operate well on an iPad or similar Tablet. On an iPhone or other Smart Phone, the site will display ok on the home screen, however when expanding some content or accessing the forums, content is pushed off the screen. This may improve with some tweaks to the site, however there is too much content to attractively display it on a phone and have it useable.. best to stick to a device with a larger screen.


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