Scott Morrison Apologizes to Sky News-but not Christine Holgate?

This would be nice to read on his face book page?

Perhaps give the Prime Minister's office a call and ask him to apologise and reinstate Christine Holgate 02 6277 7700.

A bit of an edit on his offical SKY NEWS Doc! Its not that difficult.

Earlier today I shared with Australians my profound regret and deep disappointment as I acknowledged the terrible mistreatment of women in this country over a long period, and specifically in relation to the disgraceful events that have occurred in our workplaces and at Parliament House.

I neglected to mention this includes my epiphany in my treatment of Christine Holgate.

I meant what I said about having listened, and being committed to doing everything I can to make the changes we need to make to deal with these issues. I owe it to all women in this country, not least the women in my own life so precious to me. I owe it to them to do better.

In the course of today’s media conference when responding to further questions I deeply regret my insensitive response to a question from a News Ltd journalist

I would like to add I also deeply regret my appalling and disgraceful response to questions from the opposition on October 22 last year, making reference to an award more than 2 years prior, lawfully given by Christine Holgate, the CEO of Australia Post, to some of her very deserving executive team members for a landmark deal that will improve banking access for the Nation for the next 5 years. I called for an investigation that has completely exonerated Christine Holgate. I accept their account. I was wrong to raise it, the emotion of the moment is no excuse.

I especially wish to apologise to the individuals receiving the awards and others directly impacted by my outburst. I had no right to raise this issue and especially without fully knowing and understanding the facts that should have been before me, but were not.

What matters now is doing everything in my authority to take the necessary actions of reinstating Christine Holgate, so she may begin to fix the problems, loss of quality leadership, loss of confidence by the workforce, and associated stakeholders, stagnation of business progress and general downturn of momentum, that arose following my uncalled-for outrage towards Christine Holgate using her designated authority, as per her position, and work to make Australia Post and all Senior Management positions a safer place for women to do an excellent job.

As long as we accept our mistakes and face our issues directly, and do what is fair, just and lawful, and what is in the best interests of all stakeholders, instead of looking away and finding distractions to deflect opinion, we can all move forward. I appreciate you don't appear to be moving forward without Christine Holgate, so lets get her back to her desk so you can move forward again!

We have achieved a lot together. None of us may be perfect. We all have our faults, but when we come together as Australians we always achieve great things and can confront any challenge.


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I hope you emailed that thru' to ScoMos office!

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I saw it on his Faceache page BBT

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Did both,and called. Had a great time.