Christine Holgate Delivers

For Community Post Office Licensees. We knew she was good and now she has been able to show the world just how impressive she is. But we already knew!


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WE sure do. After watching all the Inquiry, listening to the BS from the Chair etc etc; I have some questions regards what actions we as a group may be able to put into place. Also is there to be another sitting of the inquiry, will the Inquiry panel make recommendation for the Gov to action (similiar to the inquiry into POST where we gained 18 recs)

Just what can we do; I listened to C1 indicate she would return, only if the Chair was gone.
Twitter, calling MPs IMO only gets some way, but not all the way. I hammer twitter everyday,Angela tells me we do get somewhere BUT is it strong enough and fast enough.

I have also this opinion; POST appointed a new CEO, if we can press the point, have the Chair removed, C1 comes back, that really what we wish; BUT the situation with the new CEO remains

Can we press that if C1 takes a court process against POST, it will cost them $$$$$$, removing the Chair maybe just a watch,revoking the contract of the appointee would amount to far less than payment to C1 for wrongful dismissal

So if POst removed the Chair, revoked the contract of the new CEO, and reinstated C1, its a huge saving to the Gov;
Maybe wishful thinking BUt.Maybe Fletcher & Birmingham need to be advised

What do or can we do as a Group to get what we wish done and done asap;
I am aware some will suggest a rolling stoppage, I support that, some will say no way to stoppages, I understand that; some will just sit on the fence, I dont understand that;

But if we wish to restore the system we believe in,have any hope in regaining security in our LPos, its my honest opinion that we must undertake something;
stoppage, more media, a picnic on the lawns at Parliment House;a partition in every LPO signed by our customers.

Our customers are asking questions, 99% of mine are showing support. they are disgusted that the Gov considered a selloff of Post, that they would not have a Post Office
These questions and comments must be large in rural and remote where things are tough, I am Metro and the questions and thoughts of customers are huge;

We have support of many many Aussies, the Union I believe is supporting as well, so we do have some numbers;

Anyway I have rambled enough, thoughts from others.....................

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Is it possible / appropriate to contact C1 directly? Or could someone in contact with her pass on message?

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Yes I will contact you directly Westies
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If anyone does want to send Christine Holgate a card, as its very hard to get your message to her when she is trying to open & read the hundreds of emails and txts she is getting every day, LPOG is happy to forward mail onto her. Send it to PO Box 4195 Shellharbour NSW 2529 and we will do the redirect to her. Plus she loves letter mail.