2 Wrongs do not make anything Right

LPOG has been advised of a significant spike in fraudulent overprocessing of bill payments and banking by Licensees. This is identified by the regular datawarehousing, undertaken on a regular basis by Australia Post, to check the goings on in the network. Once your LPO has been identified by these reports, you will be under investigation, and several Licensees are facing termination, or substantial repayments of these fraudulent commission payments.Several of these Licensees that have been detected have used the excuse, or suggested, that LPOG recommends this course of action to increase commission payments.

Nothing could be further from the truth. LPOG does not in any way, support fraudulent activities by Licensees. 

Bill payments, correctly processed, is a staple revenue stream for LPOs, and to put that at risk for a short term gain for a few rogue Licensees is reprehensible, and incredible shortsighted. The commission gouging that rises from this overprocessing of bill payments and banking hurts the principals who use us to collect their customer's money. Any licensee overprocessing transactions is generating additional charges to the principal everytime they scan the barcode. Its a short path to them moving to digital to cut their costs, and then we all lose, over and over again!

If you are aware of Licensees doing this, and recommending this to other groups of Licensees, step into this and explain the damage this doing to our businesses. This is as damaging to the LPO network as Licensees selling discounted stock online. Don't turn a blind eye, help protect your business and mine. DO something about it. 

LPOG is very open about our concerns with the remuneration that we receive from Australia Post, and has been advocating for increased payments for more than 5 years, but fraudulently increasing your commissions is not the answer. LPOG will fully support Australia Post in any action they take, in regard to protecting our network from Licensees who are identified in these fraudulent activities.

Licensees have been able to bank their takings at their LPOs, but it is unreasonable to expect Australia Post to ignore multiple banking on our own accounts. The fees charged by most banks to bank @ Post has probably stopped a lot of over banking, but even so, this should not be abused by Licensees. Abuse it and we all lose it. If your customers choose to part pay their bills, and presents at the counter with that request, that is your customers right, and that is not a fraudulent activity. The majority of customers part pay their bills weekly or fortnightly, they do not do it multiple times per hour, and it is foolish to try to suggest they do. When billpay and backing activities are detected in your office being paid multiple times each hour, you should expect a visit from corporate security. Termination with cause is generally the outcome, and rightly so.