2019 Perth AGM - What date?

Background Information: 

As agreed, this year the LPOG 2019 AGM will be held in Perth.

As many Licensees from the eastern seaboard may like to make a bit of a trip for this, we are looking to make a weekend of the event, and allow time for an extended visit if possible for families. The 5th October falls within all school holidays for all states, and is the weekend following all the football finals.

The 26th October is the weekend we usually hold our AGM, and can be a mini break before we face Christmas all over again.

The Board of LPOG will be presenting a strategic review for our future at this AGM. Obviously members will also receive this information prior to the AGM, but as we face our future as the peak industry representative body, it is now time to review our structure and our financial future, with a view to a sustainable future, if that is the plan.

As LPOG was established in 2012, by many aging and worried Licensees looking to hold onto some of their financial investment before insolvency took the lot, we need to work up a succession plan to attract fresh new faces onto the Board, and enthusiastic members who love owning LPOs who want to keep on building on the success of LPOG, for the future of this industry. 

The better our industry is, the more likely we will return to the times 15-20 years ago, when a phone call a week, seeking to buy our LPOs, was not unusual. To once again be a blue chip small business is our aim. The path to retirement for many of us looking to exit, must be paved with keen and enthusiastic buyers looking to take on our businesses. We have turned the corner in our fight for a better deal with Australia Post, but we can never be complacent again.

If we don't look after our own interests, there is no doubt that no one else will.

So please put some thought into what our future should look like, and are you prepared to put your hand up and be part of that, with the level of commitment that is required to get stuff done?


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will be far more expensive over the school holidays .....