4 Corners provides a Post Mortem on the Dismissal of Christine Holgate

The story of the constructive dismissal of Christine Holgate and our uncertain future at the hands of the Australia Post Board and the Government on ABC 4 Corners.


Perhaps there will be a bit more understanding out in the general public now that Australia Post is just a comodity for the Government of the day and if people want Australia Post to be here for the future, they need to take a closer look at how that needs to be managed. 

Australia Post needs to be a robust commercial enterprise to be able to fully serve this nations, and *divesting* off the profitble bits is not going to achieve that. Neither is getting rid of the best CEO we have ever experienced. Our job will be to convince the next Government and CEO that Community Post Ofices are a vital essential service and cannot run on love alone.


Why the "constructive dismissal of CH"? I can think of nothing that is more "destructive".

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Yes it is destructive, but the technical term for what they did is a constructive dismissal, as in they set it all up so there was no choice for the employee but to resign. Dreadful term though.
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Gotta say this 4C episode lacked the political punch that other episodes had. It felt a little like they had to cut the hardest hitting bits out or something.