ACCC Calls for Submissions

The ACCC has requested that we provide the following letter to members who did not consent to participate in the Collective Bargaining submission. 

ACCC to Interested Parties re Collective Bargaining Submission.pdf

I assume the rest of us will also be interested in reading this.

This also provides the timeframe for any individual submissions that interested parties wish to make. If you are also a participant and interested in making an additional individual submission in support of our submission, the opportunity is now here. 




Page not found .....????

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Mustn't had your mouth right, works for me. Although I should probably add that I went and fixed the link before I typed that! But it did just work for me, so hopefully it will work for you too now!
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Worked for me


All good.....

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Is there any benefit to "the cause" if we make a personal submission?

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just adds support to the cause and adds personal evidence as the group submission is more an overview. Keep in mind it will be publish for the world to see unless you submit it as a confidential document.