ACCC Formal Lodgement

On Monday the 8th May, the relevant documents that form the formal lodgement will be submitted to the ACCC. This includes the names of all financial members who have provided consent for their name to appear as a participant in the application to the ACCC for Collective Bargaining approval.

If you have not paid your membership fee, and you wish to participate, you must have made your payment to be received into the LPOG bank account by Monday the 8th May. If you are not financial on the 8th May you will not be included in this submission. Any additional members wishing to join the action after the 8th May, or in the future will require further document A & B lodgements, which included hefty fees per document lodged. So that is not something that will happen lightly, or without suitable numbers to make it cost effective.

If you are planning on getting arround to doing this sometime next week, you will need to round up another 49 friends to help cover the cost of putting your name in.