Acrylic Screens on the way

Just had approval to announce that Australia Post has sourced a mass roll out of acrylic screens for every terminal in the network FREE OF CHARGE.

The best solution for the long haul, and far better than hand sanitizer and masks. The prototype was installed today in an LPO in Melbourne to make sure it’s a good solution.

Now all we have to do is work out the best and quickest way to get 7,500 of them installed in the shortest possible time frame across the whole country.

I vote for self install if I get half a chance. They are being rolled out from tomorrow by 2 suppliers.

Absolutely brilliant Australia Post, Thank you.


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Pretty strong vote for self install on the group. Really nice and simple solution. Hope they get delivered really quickly.

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This gave me hope! Thanks!

Get Post to just send them out asap! ill worry about the install, be heaps quicker than have them organise it!

Self Install please and please supply asap.

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How do you deliver the large parcels?

just get them here ASAP

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These ‘sneeze’ screens are pretty straightforward to install in a standard fitout. Installation will take about 10 mins for the first one and 5 minutes for each one after that once you are comfortable with how it sits and sticks. They are not heavy but the adhesive is very strong so you need to take care as it is being positioned. Highly recommend two people to balance the perspex to move the screen into position. The screens were installed in my outlet yesterday afternoon as the test. Staff are happy and most customers positive. The other customers are bemused about all the fuss....

They are made for left and right counters. The 450mm horizontal space in front of the scales (if you have a standard scale unit) is not covered so any parcel that fits through that space is fine. The larger parcels will need to go in or out a door, etc.

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Fantastic. Would be good to also have some hand sanitiser for customers to use at counter. I've tried to buy some but none anywhere....

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Any chance of a few more photos Godfather? I don’t have a standard counter layout and want to start thinking about how to make these work.

Ps. I also vote for self install.

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I can’t work out if I can put photos on this site. I’ll put a couple more on the Facebook site.

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I don't know that I want these as I see more trouble than they are worth.My research tells me that this is not airborne so any droplets that fall to the counter will still come to you via the money or the bill . The most important thing to adhere to is to not touch your face until you thoroughly wash your hands and if you keep your distance from people , it's highly unlikely that you will get it . Are these screens compulsory ?

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I wouldn’t think so. You might be the only licensee who isn’t keen so far.
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Might be worth a question somehow asking those that don't want this to get in touch with a person that is coordinating this, and then spare screens may be able to be sent to those with awkward counters that may want an extra one?
We are very keen. Hubby is making up a temporary one from acrylic shelves just until we get the decent screen. Our staff would really appreciate this screen asap as well.

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Agree Phil. I am going to enjoy the use of these screens purely to keep the grubs off my counter, taking away my space. We are in an older community and they struggle just to make the counter then use the counter to rest their entire torso on when they get there. I will still maintain very high hygiene like we are now without the screens. In another life many moons ago I worked in Pharmacy as a dispensary chick. Know all to well how easy it is for transfer via paper. It's funny, I said to my sidekick earlier last week, I feel like I am back in the Pharmacy with all this hand washing and sanitiser. =)

Agreed !! As long as we are handling currency notes and bills we are not safe !!

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Am very keen. Hope there will be the possibility to order additional panels for the extended counters that do not conform to the standard format. I worked behing a glass screen pre EPOS and it was easy to adjust to. There was a door to receive larger parcels through to the scales. this may come later when Post has time to adapt them. There are other benefits to the screens to protect the health and safety of counter staff in all circumstances.

Have had glass full ceiling height screens for the last 20 years and have had no robbery attempts nor any cases of the flu for any of our staff in that time. So it's a thumbs up from me.