Another Super Contractor Goes Belly UP

Toora Problems and Super Contractor

I too had a ‘super’ contractor operating in my area. This week I discovered this ‘super’ contractor has appointed a liquidator.
The company is Maidel Pty Ltd [ACN 104 883 007] and is located in Wauchope about 140kms from my LPO. The company was registered on 28/05/2003 and the liquidator was appointed 16/08/2013.
As I understand it Maidel Pty Ltd had control of around 30 to 40 mail contracts in and around the mid north coast of NSW and had a reputation of underbidding to get the work.
Looks like this ‘super’ contractor may have got himself into a ‘little’ financial difficulty and/or been a very naughty boy.
When things go belly up, super-sized contractors = super-sized problems and costs for AP.
In this instance, in theory anyway, 30 to 40 contracts should be put out to public tender because under AP’s own rules, AP can only negotiate a price with an existing contractor.
Guess our local papers will shortly be full of tender adverts........maybe, maybe not. Me thinks AP will just re-write the rules to suit themselves and directly negotiate with the employees of the ‘super’ that’s scary.
Australia Post has recently begun to refuse approval for assignments where the Licensee already holds an existing License, citing the problems that may occur when a Licensee may get into difficulties it will be compounded if the Licensees hold more than 1 License. So why would that rule apply to a Licensee yet Australia Post seems to be prepared to agree to multiple contracts being awarded to the same contractor, which has proven previously to be a major problem when the contractor fails to deliver.