Ashcroft 2016 Reflections & Insight

These newletters are published and distributed to all NSW Licensees by Terry Ashcroft. Each year Terry tries to inspire us all to look out side our LPOs and grow our Industry. The information is relevant to all Licensees, but as Terry is NSW based, the mailing list is NSW only. You are welcome to print from this website. 

His calendar this year is great. 

2016 Newsletter

LPO BPR linked payrise from 4 Jan 2016 - an extra $75,000 per year?

Download Newsletter Here:  Terry Ashcroft 2016 newsletter.pdf

Terry Ashcroft Annual Calendar : Terry Ashcroft_Calendar 2016.pdf


2015 Newsletter

A brave new world ahead for AP & LPOs

Download Newsletter Here:  Ashcroft-Newsletter-Jan-2015.pdf