Ashcroft 2018 Christmas Newsletter - Reflections & Insights for 2019

Terry Ashcroft has been helping Licensees buy and sell LPOs in NSW for longer than most of us can remember. For many Licensees he is to go to man in times of need and he inspired the birth of LPOG with regular network meetings for NSW Licensees to help improve our businesses.

Each year Terry sends his newsletter and calendar to NSW based Licensees but his words resonate with all Licensees. Terry has kindly allowed LPOG to publish his light Christmas reading on our website for all to read.

Christmas Newsletter 2018 PDF_FINAL.pdf


charligirl's picture

Terry has his finger on the Post pulse. good read. One thing I would question is his view that LPO's should be open for trading on Saturdays instead of corporates .His reason being we are cheaper than corporates, that's exactly why we don't open! Give us a financial incentive(read real pay) and yes, we may decide to open.

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The $90m paid to keep CPOs open on Sat needs to be split between LPOs prepared to open. Save AP millions, and have 3 times the outlets open. A Saturday subsidy for LPOs to open would work for me.
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what they are actually open on Saturday's for.
It's not to bring more income into the business or to meet any CSOs.
Close them on Saturday's, as they were, and use the money to help make Monday to Friday trading viable for every one else.
Just opening between Christmas and the New Year was a costly exercise gobbling up the ever decreasing profits of the Christmas trade.

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We are never going back to a 9-5 5 day week biz because the world has moved on. We need a financial package that supports us working longer hours. Consumers want options and if we are not part of the options we will be seeing more parcel lockers and more transactions going online. Sat morning in metros is pretty busy, better B4 the CPOs opened, but we have a stream of workers that work 9-5 paying bills and banking. We work 9-5 so if other shops restricted their hours we would be cut off, it’s the same for the PO. We need to meet today’s expectations, but we need to be paid to do so.
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But differently.
It's no good having a package that would cover extra hours of trading if the core hours remain underfunded.
By the same rule AP should not be able to say we can not fund the work that you do for us properly because we are expending 90 million dollars opening CPOs on Saturday's so that they can hand out parcels to people who work Monday to Friday.

I'm speaking from a country perspective though.

ASHA300's picture

I agree we LPOs must move with the times in trading hrs, BUT and a bloody big BUT; AP cant pay us correctly NOW for the duties we perform in current trading hrs, what a ballsup it would be if we requested additional payment for extended trading hrs;
IN relation to this LPO, we already offer extended trading hrs MON to FRI, is there a trading income benefit, answer yes and no, what we have found over the 3 yrs of ext hrs is that its for parcel collection ONLY, customers generally dont purchase they just want the parcel;
SO for 2 hrs extra unpaid trading per day, we as a rule of thumb receive revenue that does not cover costs, BUT we do it because we feel that we have to; Customers demand their parcels;

Again if LPOs must extend their trading hrs to bend to customer requirements, it MUST be financially beneficial;
AS to Saturday trading, we do not open, and didnt for this 6 week Xmas period, did we loose anything, seriously I believe we lost nothing, but gained the break we as licensees required.
Do Sats work the rest of the year for this LPO, the answer is a big NO.
To pay staff to open for 3 hrs when T/over doesnt cover wages etc, I will not go further behind, the CPO can have that.
Its a fact that most of the Corporates in my area, run at pretty large losses by trading on Saturdays.
AP need to look at this; where is a need for customer service, BUT at what cost.

Sure increased trading hrs may be the answer, BUT really doing it for zero payment is a nono for me and will remain that way; Many members of LPOG have said within these forums, not being paid to do that, not doing it;

Thats exactly how this licensee feels;
We are a large office, work hard and have an excellent customer base both private and business, we have "trained" them to our business hrs and have no problems from them.

The major problem within METRO areas is simply to many outlets for the customers available;
Reduction of outlets is the only way of bringing foot traffic into YOUR store.

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A Central Coast NSW LPO and News outlet is using radio advertising, is that our future to get more income?
I am small suburban and have opened for five years on Sat morning which is viable if I work it (we mostly make money from PP's). I have two CPO's within 5 min drive, so would be very happy if they stopped Sat trade (two generally bored staff each). I do some advertising (FB etc), but many people still say they came by chance, so more advertising would help increase traffic. But I worry that it would be cannibalism !! (or survival of the fittest?)
I have considered changing to trade Thursday night (late night shopping) to get back Sat, but that would require lots of advertising and long term commitment.
All efforts by LPOG to increase income from AP are hugely welcome. I still think qualifications have a place in our future to increase $/hr.