Australia Post Senate Inquiry Report Tabled

LPOGroup would like to express our appreciation to the Environment and Communications References Committee, for their hard work and dedication to unraveling the truth in this most confounding loss to Australia Post, and Community Post Offices in particular. Our gratitude to Senator Pauline Hanson and Senator Malcolm Roberts for listening to us, and accepting our concerns were real, and calling for this inquiry. Perhaps meaningful change will be the best result from this inquiry.

The full report, including the Executive Summary and Recommendations can be viewed, or downloaded, by following the link below:

While we have been divested of the best CEO, the Senate Committee has delivered a report that may bring about some long term future gains for Licensees, if many of the recommendations are actioned instead of being binned. Overhauling the Board, ensuring parcels and financial services are included in the CSOs, delivering guarantees to the nation about future plans to stop flogging of any parts of Australia Post for short term political gains, and removing the unholy alliance between the Minister and the party hacks given Board positions.

The Report can deliver the script for so many new conversations with our own federal members, and that can assist to sure up these gains so the community Post Office network does not find itself back in this position in another 10 years time. Breaking this cycle will be a good outcome. 

If you value your % share of the $3Bn Licensees have invested into the community Post Office network, take a few hours to consider this report and find what resonates with you. Then contact your federal members and independents and invite them to convince you of where their support for small business and our communities lies. We have probably got 6 to 12 months to get these conversations going across the country. The Liberal and Labour Parties are not our friends. The cross benchers and the Independents are where we can get the most support. We need to be rounding up support for our future because it is quite clear, if we don't, no one else is going to look out for our interests.

The first time round it was the Labour equivalents of this lot that put us through this, and the 2014 Senate Inquiry was a long hard slog with a very steep learning curve. We were very slow to understand what was happening and why we were all going broke, or were actually insolvent. After 3 years of Christine Holgate many of us were relaxing for the first time in 20 years, so the shock of that being ripped away again was galvanising. We did not sit back and watch it unfold before our eyes. This time we were proactive. We were not able to claw back our CEO, but we may have been able to claw back some control of our future, if we keep up the pressure. 

The Board of Australia Post, and the Shareholder Ministers, and the Prime Minister, and their party, has proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt they will not be acting in our interests. We will be run by the CEO who was selected by this Board (that has been found wanting by so many including the Senate) to replace the most successful CEO ever, and they were the Board that got rid of her, so one needs to wonder what the selection criteria was? Whatever, if we are mindful of our investments, we need to be on the ball, or better still well in front of it.