Australian Made COVID Masks Available to Order NOW

LPOG has partnered with a small business consortium manufacturing Australian washable, reusable face masks to meet the demands of our customers in the coming months, or years if we are unlucky. These masks are being manufactured by struggling small manufacturing businesses, in several different states, and just like us, they would benefit greatly from our support by buying, and selling Australian manufactured products, to help them survive through to the end of this pandemic, and hopefully beyond. LPOG members will receive a discounted rate for the packs, and we have been able to make this availbe via the central billing payment system, which will add this invoice to your Australia Post stock account if you select that option.

   Mask order form.pdf

The need for reusable marks is escalating rapidly in Vic and NSW at present, but it is a fairly safe bet that the need will be with most states sooner rather than later. Sourcing quality Australian made masks, in bulk quantities, off the shelf is difficult, so this is a perfect way to help ourselves, and our fellow struggling small businesses around the country. 

For many smaller LPOs, the MOQs usually makes bulk purchasing of products very difficult, so LPOG has developed a range of packs to meet the potential needs of this product for our members. IPIP is assisting with flat rate postage for all, and bulk purchasing makes the product the same rate for all, regardless of the quantity purchased. 

So if you are considering stocking reusable masks, please consider supporting this initiative, and helping re-establish manufacturing in Australia for our essential supplies.

The Groups involved in this work will be advertising on their own social media sites as follows

Groups & Pages

With these 6 groups/pages we have an organic reach of 2.9 Million Australians all wanting Australian made, and that’s not all our pages and groups we have many more with a total organic reach of over 3.5 Million Australians.


 Mask order form.pdf