Australian Retailer Association Membership

Excellent news from APLAC, and Australia Post, for Licensees in regard to ARA membership. Australia Post has done a group deal for Licensees, and paid membership for all Licensees.

As from the 1 March 2017 all Licensee will have full membership to the Australian Retailer Association. The Association communicates with members via email, and Licensees will need to provide an email address to receive these updates. However it is not mandatory, and Licensees will still be able to access the services regardless of not providing an email address. 

ARA is an association that exclusively supports retailers in the Australian marketplace. ARA provides marketing advice and training, governance advice and many other vital services, and Australia Post recognises that this support for Licensees in the retail environment, is a great way to provide excellent and qualified retail support for Licensees in our challenging times, rather than our network support staff being expected to provide all the answers to our questions.   

Small business is often much risk for any hard won rewards, for all the personal wealth and toil invested in the venture. LPOG has been passionate about correcting that position for the Licensees that have invested in the very valuable and vital small business arm of Australia Post. Over the last 2 years we have seen substantial movement, together with some already delivered rewards, with much more coming. So with our financial improvements simmering away, it is time to look at other problem areas for Licensees.

Workplace relations and retail leases are hot topic areas that trouble many Licensees, at some stage over their working year. So it is very good news that APLAC has provided Australian Retailers Assoc (ARA) membership for all LPOs.

 Australia Post LPOs - ARA brochure JUN15.pdf 

Over the last few months the ARA has consulted with Australia Post and the Australia Post Licensee Advisory Council (APLAC) on a range of benefits and the services they are able to offer to small business owners. This will enable Licensees to pick up a phone, or send an email, and have instant access to the correct information and skilled people who can give us the best advice needed. And step in to assist in the tricky bits, like face to face negotiations over rent increases.

The attached provides details of the membership support that the ARA will now provide to Australia Post licensees. 

The top 3 services ARA members use are:

1. Employment Relations - Free uncapped advice from a law firm

2. Leasing - Free initial advice about leasing. Help with negotiating your lease, including free reports on cost of other leases in your area.

3.Training, Consumer Law, Marketing, and Member Discounts - ARA members save money on necessities like insurance, banking and energy costs.

A skilled negotiator can save many thousands of dollars on lease renewals, but do many Licensees have the time or the inclination to build up those skills for a job you may only need every 3 - 5 years? Likewise, you only need one disgruntled employee to take you through the merry-go-round of the workplace relations problems. It is far from a joyous experience. Far better to be well informed.

Full ARA membership for Australia Post Licensees will allow any Licensee looking to tap into this information and expertise pool to help reduce business risk and make better decisions for a more prosperous future.

This is an absolute win win for Licensees, and APLAC has provided this for Licensees.