Brace Yourselves - Proactive Audits back on the Agenda


LPO - GRIA Coverage and Classification Guidance Document_V1 July 2021.pdf

This document is currently being sent to all Licensees to inform us of Australia Post's understanding of our obligations under Workplace Obligations legislation in Australia.

It sets out Australia Post's opinion of the relevant categories under the General Retail Industry Award (GRIA) for LPO employees, depending on the tasks they perform in the LPO.

It is Australia Post's opinion, and is not necessarily the opinion of LPOG.

If you employ staff to work in your LPO, this is a document you should read. If you are subject to a Workplace audit, both proactive (random checking of your compliance) and reactive (targeted checking of your compliance as a result of a report from a 3rd party) then this document will likely be used in the discussion.

LPOG did participate in the discussion that has resulted in the preparation of this document by Australia Post, however we reserve our right to respectfully state that we feel the consultation process was not adequate, in that Australia Post consulted individually with all parties, and no other parties, other than Australia Post had access to responses from participants. LPOG reminds Licensees that the guide is just that, a guide produced by Australia Post to indicate what might be considered appropriate to pay LPO employees.

The umpire will always be Fairwork Australia, and if Licensees do not agree with the conclusions published in the guide, then your pathway will be to seek a determination from Fairwork Australia, if your Audit report is inconsistent or not clear, or you do not agree with the conclusions of this publication, or the outcomes from your audit for your compliance with your workplace obligations.  

Wage exploitation, and that is deliberately underpaying staff, is not acceptable, and there is no excuse for that. Australia Post has published an extensive document on POP to explain the obligations for Licensees under the workplace obligation legislations and requirements. You must meet those requirements, which include (but not limited to) things like timesheets, payslips, penalty rates, leave entitlements, superannuation and award rates and conditions. 

As has been mentioned many times, our industry is a unique beast, we are a service based industry with a retail flavour. GRIA is a retail industry award, and presupposes we are a nice round retail industry, complete with nice big retail margins. We do not have those, and we often do not provide retail services as the major part of our business, so there may be more ahead for this issue.

For now this published "guide" by Australia Post can provide basic information for Licensees looking for more direction than has been provided over the past few years, since the demise of the Postal Industry Award, by the introduction of the modern awards in 2013.