Bruce from Braidwood

Has been rebadged.

Thanks for the visit Bruce, it was lovely to catch up with the LPO poster boy himself. And it is not just that we are small, Bruce is very tall!


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Over the last two days Angela and myself have been on the road around NSW and ACT. We were invited by NSW RNP to be guests at the Canberra Leep and we were introduced by our Area Manager as LPOGroup representatives. Oh how the times have changed. We visited around a dozen LPO's, some members, some non members, mostly inconjunction setups and a couple of stand alones. We linked everyone up with the petition on ANZ banking, brought them up to speed with payment reform and put a face to LPOGroup. By far the highlight of our trip was meeting the poster boy for Licensees who appears in the Everyone Matters campaign. Bruce Keeley is the Licensee at Braidwood LPO. He has been the Licensee for over 20 years and his Post Office is in an historical building on the main street of town. He is not a member of LPOGroup but that is all about to change. We spent nearly an hour with Bruce and showed him a few EPOS tricks and reiterated the importance of supporting the association that is at the table for payment reform. He didn't even mind being pinned with an I LOVE LPOGroup badge. Thank you to all the other Licensees who we spoke to over the last few days. It was such a pleasure meeting you all especially our friends at Gungahlin and Bungendore.

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Great work ladies, spreading the good word!

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Any news on what was said by AP at the AGM

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Coming......We are just trying to do the BAS first then we will have 30 spare minutes. I hope.