Call your Local Chemists Today

Today is an excellent day for every Licensee to be contacting all the Chemist in your area to help get them set up for the new home delivery service.

The way to start is to get their name and email address, and then process a *1505 transaction at your office which will send them a link to establish their My Post Business account. Then you might like to discuss options for the mail to come through your LPO. If you have some down time during the day, it might be worthwhile doing a bit of a drive around to collect, or seeing if any contractors in your area could collect and drop off on their round.

Obviously this is a new revenue stream, and it is unknown how much business it will generate, but a few more lodgement scans and parcel commission will not hurt.

For now it is helping to get vital medicine out to people who need to stay home for us all to flatten the curve, so that is an added bonus for everyone.

LPOG Members will find further helpful information about what to do with the MPB customer after they have signed up and set up in the member's section in the next day or 2.