The Changing of the Guard

News has been delivered that our CEO, Ahmed Fahour, has decided his time at Australia Post has drawn to a close. Whatever the opinion of our CEO, he has reformed our business from a business set in  200 year old ways, and created a new platform for the next 100 years of service to Australia. According to the news Ahmed Fahour may be interested in some charity work in the future as he considers his options.

LPOG would be well pleased if Mr Fahour would be keen to assist LPOG to get better pay deals and terms with our franchisor and our shareholder Ministers. We could be a suitable charity because of our public interest and community service, and Mr Fahour certainly knows his way around the negotiation table. If we could include Mr Fahour on our team for a change, things might be a lot more interesting. 

On behalf of the executive of LPOG, we extend our appreciation to Mr Fahour for the improvements that we have experienced under his reign. Personaly speaking, the parcel payments, and the BPR lifts, have saved my business and provided a possible future. We all agree that there is much more needed to be done to ensure there is a future for most of us, but getting the ground work done was a hard task, and took a lot of resolve to stand up against 200 years of entrenched tradition..  

Our only wish was that the LPO network had seen a higher priority in the pecking order of business. But credit where credit is due, Licensees have $125M more dollars in our banks than in 2011, and that does help us all.

Half Year Results published today

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