Christmas 2019 - the hard work done and dusted

and before you know it, a new one starting again..........

So make the most of this festive season with you and your families and friends.

Merry Christmas to us all.

We have spread the Merry and put millions of presents under millions of Christmas trees around Australia, and kept our good cheer and spirits up through most of it. Time now  to sit back and enjoy the break. Our thoughts go out to all those struggling with fires and droughts. Hopefully there is some respite up ahead for you all.

If you were planning on reading Terry Ashcroft's annual newsletter over the break you will need to wait a bit longer. Terry's other life is as a farmer, and his farm in on the northern end of the Gosper Mountain fire in NSW, so he has been on the front line for the past few weeks trying to save what he can. He is hoping to get his newsletter in the mail mid January-ish.  Like the rest of us, he is hoping for some rain anytime soon.

Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year to one and all. Lets make it a great one for us all.