Covid-19 Safety Message

Australia Post is keeping the retail network up to date with news as it breaks via POP. We all have access to POP in our LPOs, so that is the best place to be looking for news on what is happening as it happens. 

There is a POP update on the 16 Martch with a public notice for display in our outlets.

There is also a further news update on use of scanners and customers signing - or not as the case maybe - for parcels being collected at the counter. Check POP often as this is just the start of the information that we will all be needing as this virus spreads across Australia.

If you need to adjust your hours to support your health needs and your staff's needs, please make sure you let your RNP Team know, as well as your community. We all need to do what is best for all of us to get through this.

For those that would like a A3 colour version of the Covid-19 Safety Message please find the following PDF that you can download and print if you have colour facilities.


Stay safe everyone and the best of luck to all of us to see this through.