COVID19 update: NSW Entering venue requirements and VIC mandatory vaccination update

Australia Post has requested we provide a heads up on the latest health orders handed down late on Friday afternoon.
This seems to be only concerning NSW & Vic at present.
There are POP notifications to advise licensees who have mail contracts, or other delivery staff doing drop off and collections, that everyone who is doing deliveries must be fully vaccinated to enter any reopened businesses from Monday onwards. If you have delivery people who are not vaccinated they must not enter non essential businesses, they must use contactless delivery options or card articles back to the PO.
Welcome to our future where it seems we are now in the administration and compliance sector for the Covid health team. We have had a good run and apart from being incredibly busy we have had minimal interruptions to our business operations compared to many other business owners.
So vaccinations will be a necessary part of our future and our continuing business operations. Most people agree that to be, or not to be, vaccinated should be a personal choice, but as business owners and employers we have workplace health and safety obligations that are not compatible with that type of free choice. Some difficult conversations up ahead for many of us over this issue.
Check POP for all the facts for your state on moving forward with this situation. Call your network manager if you need any further details of clarification.