Formal Lodgement Done

The formal submission is now underway and the clock is now ticking. LPOG has requested an interim determination (within 28 days) to allow for a more constructive participation in the upcoming round of negotiations for the annual review of the payments adjusted annually. We anticipate that interim determination will be handed down within that time frame, and will allow us to act accordingly. We will then have to wait for the actual determination to make any further stands on issues we would like to take stands on.

As with the Senate Inquiry, we are in unchartered territory, so it will be a steep learning curve. If any participants have experience, step on down, we would welcome your input.

The documents will shortly be published by the ACCC and will be available for all to read. The ACCC must advise interested parties of the application before it is published. It is anticipated that the submission will be published this week sometime.

To view the register click this link

Please note that only registered members of LPOG, who are financial, and who provided written consent have been included in the submission. There were quite a lot of licensees who registered, but did not pay, or sent conent forms but did not register, or did not pay. To be included in this submission, it was mandatory, to register, pay memberships fees, and provide written consent. If you are not listed you missed one of those vital points.