General Information for LPOs regarding ACCC Action

Time is running out if you wish to be included in this action. The consent forms must be lodged with the ACCC once the submission goes public. The list of participants will remain confidential but the ACCC must be notified of the participants. We anticipate that this will hapen in a little over a week. So if you are going to get around to it, better get around to it very soon.

The LPOG has notified all LPOs of the intention to seek approval from the ACCC to undertake collective bargaining for our members for our payments, both established, and new payments, and our trading terms and conditions. LPOG has also requested that Australia Post support this process, so that we can all find a more constructive process to establish what are fair and reasonable commercial outcomes for our shared future.

ACCC Consent Form Feb 2017.pdf                        Limited Membership Offer and Survey.pdf

As notified, this submission will include all members of LPOG who have provided LPOG with their consent to act on their behalf. As per the information provided, should approval be granted for this process, LPOG will only be acting for financial members of LPOG. The workload involved in managing this process, both to establish the submission, and to provide ongoing management should approval be granted, is not possible unless LPOG is financial. Currently, the majority of work is done on a voluntary basis, and that is not a sustainable position for the long term.

If you wish your LPO to be named as a participant, you must join LPOG. We currently offer a limited membership rate to the end of this financial year. Please see the flyer below for more informatiom.

If you wish to be represented by LPOG in the future, should approval be granted, you will need to renew your membership as a full financial member in June 2017. LPOG does offers Public Liability Insurance as an option for all members as part of yur membership, but it is not a requirement of your membership. It does remains mandatory to have Public Liability cover to comply with your obligations to Australia Post as part of your LPO Agreement, but can be purchases elsewhere. LPOG has also sourced very competitive rates for all other Insurance cover that could be required by Licensees, including sickness and accident covers. These covers can be accessed by contacting Willis Towers Watson or by viewing the details on the menu tab under Insurance or clicking here

ACCC Consent Form Feb 2017.pdf

Limited Membership Offer and Survey.pdf

LPOG Letter to Members re ACCC Feb 2017.pdf