Germ Screens

Australia Post has sourced sneeze screens for every retail outlet across Australia and 1,000 will be on their way to outlets starting tonight. First up will be WA, Qld and NT. The next dispatch will be to the rest of the states. Hopefully we should all have them in place soon. The sneeze screens are being provided at no cost to Licensees. They are peel and stick, so will be self installed.

If anyone is looking for additional germ screens, this is a supplier that has been visiting Sydney sites, and one of the APLAC Directors purchased these, and is happy to recommend them. These screens just sit on the top of your counter and would be purchased at Licensee's expense. They are not being supplied by Australia Post. 


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Insensitive people might call them a snot stop. !!!!!
Oh I crack myself up.

Are these instead of the acrylic screens previously shown?

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No but some Licensees wanted to know if they could get extras for other areas. These are being offered in Sydney and we just posted the details if anyone wanted to follow them up. The ones AP have sourced will start arriving into the network over the next few days.

Thanks. Am an inconjunction business and they will certainly be of use on other counters

How much do they cost? oops, see it now

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Thank you for the info Angela. Keep safe