GRIA Increase usually announced End of MAY

So if you have received notification from POAAL that the increase is fixed and will be paid by Australia Post from 1 July, don't believe everything you read.

According to Australia Post, there is no determination on any agreed increase %. In light of that confirmation, it would be best to wait until we have a formal announcement from the Fair Work Commission before counting any chickens. 

LPOGroup has battled for years to have our payments increased in line with the GRIA increase, instead of the 1990s agreed CPI and BPR, and we have finally achieved that over the last couple of years. Our payments now increase from 1 July, for a range of commission and transactions, and the agreed index will be the agreed GRIA increase. There is a further increase in January of each year, for a range of payments that were linked to the BPR. The current agreed index for those payment increases is also the current agreed GRIA increase.

The annual increase to the GRIA is usually handed down by the Fair Work Commission and announced around the 30th May each year.