Have your say in LPOG submission to the Senate Inquiry into Franchising

Have your say in our submission to the Senate Inquiry into Franchising

On 22 March 2018, the Senate referred an Inquiry into the Operation and Effectiveness of the Franchising Code of Conduct. Given the extent of the inquiry, and the increasingly negative perception of the franchising sector, it is hoped that significant amendments to the Code (and the franchising regulatory framework) may result from the inquiry.

The LPOGroup will be making an evidence-based submission to the Senate Inquiry and will be seeking your input to shape the response. Early next week you will be invited to participate in a survey. The due date for the submission is 4 May which is only in 3 weeks time so its important that you take time out to complete the survey in the short time it will be open to you.

This is our collective opportunity to make a difference!

The terms of reference can be viewed by following the links in this article


Once the survey is published if you would like to raise points that you feel will be useful to this submission but are not covered by the survey feel free to add any thoughts and comment below. We anticipate the survey will be available on the 18 April to the 24th April, so would be helpful if we could all spend a few hours reviewing the terms of reference and putting some thought into our collective points and responses to those questions. 

We had a lot of good results from the last Inquiry, although it is rather ironic that Senator Williams is calling for another Inquiry into Franchising, as he was the first Chair of the previous committee that delved into his (as a member of the government of the day) own franchise system, and didn't do much about the range of problems that was discovered. But it is a second chance to get the same issues back into the public domain. Especially when the government of the day is our franchisor, and lives with their collective heads in the sand no matter what side of the fence they are on. The problems for LPOs are long ranging and have been in the making for over 20 years, and the franchisor doesn't change. The Government of the day is our franchisor and successive governments have stuck their heads in the sand over our underpayments, while helping themselves to the dividends declared from our underpayments. So it will be very interesting to see how this inquiry deals with that. Pretty sure it has been seen to be no good for Retail Food Group to do that, but not a problem for successive governments?