How to Add your Voice by Making a Submission to the Senate Inquiry

If anyone is a bit unsure of what a Senate submission by a Licensee, (or customers or supporters in general) might look like, or how complex it might need/not need to be, please follow the link to read some of the submission hundreds of Licensees and others made to the 2013 Senate Inquiry.
As you can see, it's not how you do it that counts, it's what you are saying that matters. The Committee Secretary advised that submissions that repeat largely the same wording or same sections or are obviously copied and pasted are usually treated as the same submission and are not published. Hence the need for individual submissions expressing your own thoughts and opinions and responses to this situation and our shared future will have the most impact.
Performance, importance and role of Australia Post in Australian communities and its operations in relation to licensed post offices

The Full Report can be read using the following link.

There was also a Joint Committee Inquiry in 2019 into The operation and effectiveness of the Franchising Code of Conduct. This Inquiry was inspired by the woeful stories of the RFG Franchisees like Michel's Patisserie, Gloria Jeans, Baker's Delight and other networks. Pretty harrowing stuff for many of us that went into the 2013 Inquiry, because we were headed where this lot ended up. We were saved from their fate only because the Senate understood we ran Post Office for the Gov, not cafes for private equity groups.


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