It is not just us!

2020 might well be going to be a decade of change for our industry, or more probably, a decade of facing the realities of the changes of the last decade that has cut through our safe little harbour. But without a doubt a challenging future is coming. 

And it is not just us. NZ Post is shutting down its corporate network and setting up a version of inconjunction outlets to provide a limited service presence in communities. We have all been concluding that Kiwi Bank had saved the PO network. Apparently not.

And then along comes USPS with the same problems, and they are considering how to change their model to survive.

Very sobering reading for Australia Post Licensees who are the most heavily invested stakeholders in this business outside of the government. And all the more reason why we need to be working constructively with Australia Post to make sure we have a strong and trusted voice in the plans for the future of this industry. We need much more than just muddy boots that stomp all over everything being put in place to sure up the whole of the Post Office business, in the face of the tsunami of digital disruption and new competitors who are allowed to cherry pick all the profitable good parts. 

Australia Post is mandated to deliver to the majority of Australian households (all 11.5 million and climbing) where they live, so they do not have the luxury of cherry picking the profitable bits, like metro to metro and dumping the rest onto another provider. Australia Post must fund deliveries to the far flung reaches of this country, and also to next door, with an equally accessible service for all. It is a very challenging task when so many of the households are not keen to contribute to the cost of getting their mail to them, and so many others are opting for the cheapest solution.

Managing such a future, and balancing all the changing conditions is not going to be easy, but we absolutely need to be part of building the solutions so that we make sure the LPOs are here to stay for Australian communities.

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