Jobkeeper Payment - Information Sheet

This will be a great relief to many of us

Jobkeeper Payment - Information sheet for Employers

And for information for Employees

Will be crucial to understand how the turnover is to be determined to verify the % downturn. It is still potentially very helpful for many of us that are seeing a big downturn.


Thank you LPOG Executives for sharing this vital information. And in light of this information if revenue falls around 25% then that business will not be eligible for jobkeeper subsidy !!!!

This is where Australia post to come in and at least immediately increase the representation allowance !!!

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AP doesn't want to increase ANY fixed type payments - their argument is do more transactions and earn your keep you lot by working like the slaves you are!
Both the rep allowance AND min guaranteed income should have been significantly increased years ago IMHO. When this health disaster is over I hope the lack of support from AP towards us Licensees gets some serious attention....

How LPO can increase transactions when AP is increasing their online foot print which takes away foot traffic !!! Let’s hope some serious attention is given once this is all over

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Agree with all the above, the only problem is that the discussion will revert to the smoke and mirror stuff we all have endured and will continue to endure,Post have little intention of fixing anything.
I suggested that Post could do "something" to assist LPOs, but was very quickly informed that I should manage my LPO, and undertake various steps to look after myself.
It appears that everytime any member of LPOG suggests anything that may be negatively against POST that/those thoughts/suggestions are quickly met with,look after yourself.
Let me say that this LPO management is looking after themselves, but it becomes more difficult on a daily basis as foot traffic deminishes and AP increase the promotion of online use.
This office has cut staff hrs significantly, to cater for LOST business, Gov handouts are still somewhat far away for us
as a Metro Office, I feel not only for us but for all LPos, and IMO Post are looking after themselves.
Executive paycuts, overtime cut for staff, thats all POST problems, we LPOs have our own.
Yet Post in their wisdom cannot find anyway to assist, my favourite description, indirectly or directly.
when I look at support from POST I frankly see; after a month or so;
Issue of counter screens
yesterday; notice of 1 bloody bottle of sanitiser (that will last this office 1 week)
issue via IM system 2 yes 2 face masks for a 3 terminal,office.
SO I see that piddling assistance as basically a token gesture, I am grateful but they come after we have spent own funds for sanitizer and masks to protect ourselves and staff.
In terms of any indirect assistance we LPOs have received zero.

As I stated above I agree with all comments, I raised the payments that LotteriesWest announced for their 500 outlets in WA, a $10k payment for 3 months to assist these outlets to remain open, what a great gesture and a very thankful one for these stuggling businesses.
What was the comeback, the suggestion that WA must still have funds to gamble, really the payment by LW is for HELP of struggling members of their operations, that to me would mean, everyone matters,
POST could do something, so what they may be struggling also, hence in light of no direct assistance the suggestion of indirect.
AM I a little annoyed, yes I am annoyed by non action by POST.
I will more than likely be belittled again within this site, but as many are aware I have a set of testicles and will continue to stand for what I believe is FAIR.

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Asha, I agree with all you have said. We have now reduced our hours significantly, starting tomorrow. I will not be in PO during opening hours & Gary will be here. I am of an age & health concerns that advice is for me to say away. We would appear to not be able to claim any Govt assistance & do not have any staff. Stay safe Asha & if you go to the naughty corner I will keep you company, from safe distance of course.

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Agree Asha.
I would like to add that it wouldn’t hurt for the top to issue , if not a directive, a reminder about how important it still is For everyone to do their job correctly.
Am totally sick of DC issues that make our life harder than it should be.

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For what it is worth, I stand against anyone being belittled for their opinion Asha.