Join LPOGroup -Building a Stronger Future for Licensees

With the right attitude from both sides, a franchisee association, such as LPOG, can be an effective instrument in providing a better future for a franchise system.

In large measure, the framework for the relationship will be established by the culture of the franchise system toward franchisee participation in decision-making as well as the attitudes of the franchise organization and the leadership of the franchisee community. Will the parties act out of fear and self-centeredness, crafting tools of destruction? Or will they approach their challenges in a spirit of hope and possibility, building bridges to draw the parties together. 

If you have been following the current Senate Inquiry which is determining our future, the above links to 2 articles gives some insight into the pros and cons of Franchisee Associations such as LPOG.

LPOG was formed in 2012 as a Franchise Association, to address the serious issues Licensees were facing after a decade or more of Board and management decisions that left us in dire circumstances. The Community Post Office network was facing mass insolvency issues and was effectively saved by the 2013 change of Government and the 2014 Senate Inquiry.

The irony that it is the same government, although with different leaders, that is now putting us back into jeopardy is not lost on us. However, we are not a chain of cafes, service stations or bread shops, we are the face of our Nation's postal service in over 80% of the country, so it is not an exaggeration to suggest our need to survive is far more critical for our communities, than the survival of the current government of the day.

There will always be another government, but once our $3 billion investment has been squandered for short-term political point scoring, it is not likely to be replaced by either private investors, or any government of the day. Australian communities will be the eventual losers. 

While LPOG was formed in 2012 under combative circumstances in order to fight for our survival, over the last 8 years we have steadily built a constructive relationship with Australia Post, which has delivered many positive outcomes, including a much more harmonious working relationship for all parties.

LPOG - 2019 Strategic Plan 

LPOG 2019 Strategic Plan.pdf