Just got a 45kg parcel...yes 45kg

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Just got a 45kg parcel...yes 45kg

So we got a parcel for a customer from the Delivery Centre weighing a whopping 45kg....
this is not a typo error.
it was 45kg and it was wrapped ad tied to a wooden crate.
I took some photos and video too.
Luckily it was for a locked bag customer and I didn't have to touch it

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No way:)

At least if we got one the driver would have to
Bring it up 6 stairs:)

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That is ridiculous!

We would tell the driver to take it back to the Delivery Centre. Not taking that weight ever.

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That’s for sure.

I am not opening that door! I only have one back and hope it still functions after I leave this PO.

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AP demand limits on parcel weights

even on the over weight and over length items.
I would have suggested that the delivery driver should possibly bend over so I could nicely place it where it belongs,as it has no place in our LPO.
Its just yet another example of Post demands upon LPOs.

I would suggest that delivery of a 45kg item to ANY Corporate outlet would immediately be declined.
Seriously, how can we licensees, our employees be expected to handle this size/weight.

I willnot request our staff to light anything over 25kg in most cases anything over 10kg I lift myself, that way if anyone is hurt it unfortunately is me.

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The Armaguard Fairies max weight limit is around 6.5 kgs


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