LBP EOI Due Sunday 7 March

Just a nudge if you are wondering if you should join this program or stay on the fence. You may as well sign up & see what it has to offer rather than sit on the fence. You may be pleased you did if the unexpected turns up one day.

For the majority of LPOs there is not much to lose and much to gain by joining this program. Initially there were expectations of how much work you would have to committ to the tier you are looking to join, but now Tier 2 does not have such expectations.

We are also now collecting quite a bit of our new customers mail, which you might like to do if you able to. You must have Marine Cargo Insurance, which is available by contacting Willis and all the information on this is available here:

One of the most positive outcomes of this program is the extensive training that is available for all of us to upskill and educate us on what is available for our own customers. Prior to this program anyone who appeared at my counter talking about eParcel needs got the glaze over from us. Now we are confident enough to talk to our customers and understand a lot more about what they might need and what we can do about it. We would normally have just told them to contact AP and moved on. In the long run that was not a win win for any of us.

As a Tier 2 now I am able to discuss my customers needs, pass them onto a higher level if it is above my level, and still retain a clip of their ticket. I also pick up any MPB customers and find out about other business they may be doing outside of AP. You just never know what is around the corner. 

COVID has made people think differently and lots of businesses and their owners are moving out of the CBDs. If they decide to relocate to your area, then it is a golden o[pportunity to be match fit if they crop up at your counter. 

Another aspect that may not have crossed our collective minds is the size of the program and what sort of impact such a group of Licensees has in the balance of power. If some unthinking middlemanagement person in the bowels of APHQ decides to mess with this, the collective might of a few hundred Licensees is a lot harder to dismiss than 20. Just saying....