Local Business Partner Program - Is this for You?

During the February and March LEEP rounds, Licensees were expecting to see the LBP presentation which just may well be the next big thing for many Licensees. Unfortunately Covid-19 interrupted the LEEPs rounds, and then everything else has been interrupted since.

As a consequence LPOG requested that the LBP presentation be made available via video, so Licensees that were not able to attend their LEEPs, could see the presentation and start thinking about how this can assist us to grow our business when we are back to normal.

The LBP program is to upskill Licensees and Australia Post Corporate staff to enhance our customers experience, as such to view the video of the LEEP presentation you will need to log into the LPOG members area on this site.

If you are not a member of LPOG, you can also view the LEEP presentation video on the Australia Post LPO Events facebook page. Many of the past LPO Expos, and LEEP presentations, have been posted previously to this page, so you may already be registered in that group. If you are not a member of that group, just ask to join and provide your WCC and name and you will be accepted. Likewise it is also available on the LPOs United facebook group. 

They have a lot more bandwidth than we do.

If we are looking at a slowing down of business over the next few months, Licensees may have some free downtime to become match fit for the LBP program, and come accelerating out of these unprecedented times ready to take on this challenge.

So please check out the LEEP presentation from Ted Butler and Louis Quadrio,  introducing the Local Business Partnership Program, and start thinking and planning how this program might help you and your customers to grow our shared businesses.