LPOG 2016 Financials Published

The 2016 Financial Reports are now available to LPOG members, along with the 2016 AGM minutes, and can be accessed by logging in to the members area.

If you are you uncertain of your current membership status, or require updated log in details, please use the contact tab on the menu bar to contact LPOG admin

If you are interested in more information about LPOG, including our constitution, use this link from our menu tab:  http://www.lpogroup.com.au/who_we_are

If you would like to join LPOG, we currently offer 2 membership rates for the duration of this financial year.

Limited Membership - rate of $75 will allow named LPO to be recorded as a member of LPOG to 30 June 2017, for the purposes of inclusion in the ACCC submission seeking collective bargaining approval. Should this submission be approved by the ACCC, the LPOG will only seek to represent full financial members, as we anticipate the ongoing process will require adequate funding to ensure the future agreements and payment options will be commercially viable for our members. 2017-18 Membership fees will be due in June as per our usual renewal process. 

Full Membership - rate of $150 will allow full membership to 30 June 2017, with full access to the LPOG website, and support for issues raised after membership. Pre existing issues will only be supported for members with 3 or more paid financial years.

To join LPOG today please complete the online application here:  http://www.lpogroup.com.au/member_join