LPOG AGM – Willis Towers Watson Competition

AND THE WINNER IS .....Mail Management! Congratulations on cracking the code correctly

Personal Accident Insurance increased 10 years!

LPOG AGM – Willis Towers Watson Competition

Enter for your chance to win a brand new iPad Air!

Willis Towers Watson, in partnership with the LPO Group, is providing all LPOs the opportunity to win a brand new iPad Air as part of the 6th AGM weekend gathering to be held in Perth, WA on the 26 October 2019 in Fremantle. Please click on the attached Terms and Conditions for the entry details and good luck!

Willis Towers Watson - LPOGroup - AGM competition - Oct 2019.pdf

And this is the newsletter for the hint? http://links.mpfexpress.mkt304.com/servlet/MailView?ms=MjkxMjUyMjIS1&r=M...


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I am buying anyone who gives a hint here the first beer at the AGM. Is that cheating? I have no idea what this is all about.
Maxi's picture

I know the first bit but can’t get it all.

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All the months have 30 days in them?
No that's not the hint.
Alas it needs more than a beer for that.

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The link to the entry form won’t open on my iPad or iPhone. Will it work on my PC?

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It works on my PC. I couldn't open the link on here on my IPad either but Brett posted the link to LPOs United too and it opened on my IPad from that link.

Fantastic. Thanks to all. My express post is at hotel Redbank I suspect but soooooo looking forward to delivery.