LPOG 2018 AGM was held in Sydney on the 27 October at Novotel Brighton Le Sands.

A huge effort was put in by Gail, Felicia, Maree and Lynda to ensure this AGM went smoothly, it did and was well received by everyone present.

It was a much smaller AGM than we have held in the past, coming soon after the round Australia road show that was undertaken as part of the AP expos.

The mix and mingle was moved forward a little after out new EGM, Nicole Sheffield, confirmed that she was available to attend to talk to members, and do a presentation prior to the official AGM start.

Our new CEO, Christine Holgate, had hinted that if she could get there she would. On her way to the airport to catch a flight to the UK with her husband Michael Harding, they called in, and both spent a lot of time talking freely with all LPOG members before having to literally fly off.

Nicole also spent a lot of time pre presentation mingling and openly discussing any matters members brought up.

It really was quite a unique experience having these two senior executives mingling freely with members. 

I don’t think anyone present would have been able to contemplate two years ago, that they would be laughing and mixing on an almost social scale, with both the CEO and EGM of AP in 2 years time.

We have been bumped into a new reality and it is finally starting to look like a good one to be in.

Niclole’s presentation was both light hearted and full of interest, as she discussed some of her past and present escapades.  A very well versed presenter, she brought lots of smiles and hope to weary Licensees. 

The timekeepers did their job immaculately though out the AGM, and kept everyone on focus and on time. 

Alas, we still have a way to go before expected changes begin to sweep through our environment, but the signs are there and are believable.

We are still building our contingencies, but the hope is now there that these won’t need to be used in anger. 

At the conclusion of the official part of the day, many of us moved down to a very long table at a local Greek restaurant for a really pleasant evening lasting well into the night.

The official minutes, financials and Chairman's report will be published shortly in the members section.

Looking forward to meeting up again in Perth WA for the 2019 AGM, which will be an extended weekend event. 

Gary, AKA Kipper


Update for those members who did not attend the AGM - can we have an update or Minutes of the Info given at the AGM and anything subsequent please

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Any timeframe for when we can expect a copy of AGM minutes?

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Still nothing Dusty. Perhaps we're the only members who would like to see the minutes. Who is the Committee Secretary of LPOG?

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Not alone ...
I'd also like to read them ....


Me too please.....

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Me too, still waiting and waiting and waiting.....

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I will be publishing them tonight. :)

Any news on payment reform would also be good thanks. Has AP agreed to allowing LPOG to pass on to it's members a little more detail around what is currently being discussed. It has been quite some time now that a update has been posted.
Only thing I have heard lately and that was at the LEEP meeting is that AP are going to treat a parcel as a parcel finally but when it the questions? I have also be told by post that the more we scan the more we will be rewarded. Are the parcel payments going to by like scanning Star Track items?