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After much talking and planning the time has come to put into action our strategy to rebalancing LPOs position in the postal network. We are a large group of small business owners who are being systematically reduced in number by the unfair business practices of the Government Business Enterprise that is vested with providing Australia with the Postal Service that we require. We are not seeking a disproportionate share of the revenue, rather we are seeking what we agreed to work for. Under the LPO Agreement the payments were clearly determined and the ratios set. 

Over the last 20 years the LPO Agreement has been neglected by our Industry (not) watchdog, POAAL, and this has allowed Australia Post to exploit the LPOs payments and gain an unfair advantage by using the imbalance of power to demand that Licensees continue to provide unpaid or underpaid services without compensation. Licensees should be entitled to at least the basic CPI rises that are basic annual increases all over Australia. Our payments have been unfairly linked to the BPR which has risen less than half the BPR over the last 20 years our Agreement has been in service. Without immediate financial relief many Licensees will not be able to keep their doors open, and many do not see that they will be able to remain in business until Christmas. These are small, medium and large LPOs, from rural to large offices in main metropolitan areas. For Australia to lose this vital part of most communities through neglect, mismanagement and exploitation should not be acceptable to any Australian resident or member of the Government.

Please download this position statement, sign your name and state your office, and forward to your local politicians and your local media outlets for their immediate attention.

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If you have joined the LPO Group and are debating whether to commit or not, then the time to become a financial member is NOW. This is probably the only chance you will get to restore some value in your business and fight for a viable future.

Just do it.