LPOs Senate Champion Ron Boswell

Update on Ron.

Bossie called today to let us know he is on the mend. He has been in hospital for over 4 months and has been to the brink and back. Today was his first day back on his 2 feet and he sounded very happy. He has asked us to thank all the many people who sent him cards to cheer him along. He was overwhelmed and very appreciated of all the good wishes and support from his Post Office people. He said he would like to reply to everyone but there was so many it would take him too long and he wanted to get his thanks out there as quickly as possible.

So if you were one of the many, it made a big impact and he thanks you from the bottom of his heart for you good wishes. 

Thanks from Ron Boswell


is very ill in hospital and needs a good boost of well wishes to help him to keep his strength building to overcome his health issues.

Ron has done so much for LPOs by taking on our cause, and he was such a tower of strength for all of us. 

LPOG is asking Licensees, friends, family, and Australians who value the contribution Ron made to keep our LPOs open, to send a Get Well card, or a postcard with a few words of support for his own battle to Ron Boswell, C/- St Andrew’s Hospital, 457 Wickham Tce, Spring Hill Qld 4001.

We would love him to have a large pile of cards to open and read, to keep him busy when he turns the corner. He is one of the quiet Australians who just gets things done, so it would be wonderful for him to see how appreciated he is by one of his causes.

Much appreciated everyone. He is a special Australian and what goes around comes around. Our time to support Ron and his family.