Make it a LOUD CROWD

Perhaps Scott Morrison PM & Minister Paul Fletcher & Minister Simon Birmingham have not heard the message we are trying to get to them?
Just in case it has missed them we are calling on Licensees and our family, friends and customers to give them a call & tell them directly our message is #ReinstateHolgate
We can start now they have message banks fill it up 4 them, but anytime this week when you have 5 spare minutes will do the job.

Minister Birmingham 08 8354 1644

Minister Fletcher 02 9465 3950 or 02 6277 7480

For Licensees the lack of renewal of the bank@post deal with NAB and Westpac is very worrying. So many of us have found some relief from our financial stress with increased banking and parcel payments. The loss of passport and photos, and ID & V transactions due to COVID has been somewhat offset by the banking & parcels revenue and kept us afloat. If the banking contracts are not renewed, and COVID keeps interrupting the world for a few years to come, we have a lot to worry about. We need the real Christine Holgate leading this business for us through tumultuous times, not an imitation who will be taking money out of our pockets to hand over to the Government. Please make 2 phone calls to the above number ASAP to add your voice to the list.