Meet and Greet with our new CEO in Sydney in October

Great news for licensee attending the LPOG Tradeshow in Sydney on 28th October. Our new CEO, Christine Holgate has accepted an invitation to join us for part of the day, and to address licensees at a public meeting prior to the LPOG AGM, to be held after the trade show. Unfortunately Christine has a clash with another event, so she will be unable to stay for dinner, but she is very excited to be able to meet with licensees at the LPOG event the weekend before she takes up her position.

This is a tremendous opportunity for licensees to hear from our future CEO, and to take advantage of all that is on offer for a weekend of building our shared business future. 

After a long time out in the cold, the future with our new Post Mistress is looking very bright, if the conversation we enjoyed today is anything to go on. All the talk was everything we want to hear, and some we have long given up on. Apparently we all have a love of the Post Office business, and making it work for all parties is the win win for the business and our communities. 

And that is apparently what we will be aiming for. How good is that finally!