Membership Drive – Senate Inquiry Edition


Fight Now, Flourish Later.

If you haven't already seen the Senate Inquiry Public Hearing, we recommend you do so as a matter of urgency. 

In Part 1 of the Inquiry you will see both LPO industry bodies speak. You will see how far LPOG has come in such a short amount of time.

LPOG is a made up of Licensees who have effectively been fighting for you! This has been a massive undertaking and we need your support through membership and LPOG community involvement to continue to move forward and revitalise our industry.

By identifying our problems, LPOG Members have exposed issues across the LPO network & communicated those issues to the right people. Our push for a Senate Inquiry was made possible through passionate Licensees who are not prepared to allow their businesses to perish through no fault of their own. It took great courage from many of our Members to speak of their financial issues with politicians & many travelled great distances to do so.

We will continue to achieve positive change, and not defend the status-quo if that means Licensees suffer. Defending the status-quo is how we ended up in this mess.

LPOs are business ventures, taken up by ordinary Australians, with reasonable expectations, for a commercial return, in partnership with a government business enterprise. It has been clearly seen that Licensees have suffered significant underpayments, over a considerable amount of years, when compared with standard commercial measures like the CPI. This needs to be addressed, corrected, and managed in a much more commercial manner for the future. We are a multi billion dollar industry, and collectively Licensees have personally invested every cent into the LPO network. We should always have professionals representing our interests in our dealings with Australia Post, at all times. Australia Post has a well established history of making sure they achieve the best outcome for Australia Post. Licensees have been left with the crumbs from the table, and that is not sustainable as we are now discovering.

Think about the work you do for your community, you play a massive part. How long do you truly think that could be maintained given your current remuneration for the work you perform?

You have an opportunity to join a passionate group of Licensees who are not stuck in the last century. We will forge our own destiny and you can help shape that destiny by joining LPOG.

While there are strong opinions flying around about LPOG and other stakeholders, the only thing that really matters is getting results that ensure the viability of LPOs, so that we can continue to serve our communities, and provide ourselves with a reasonable commercial return. Licensees do not expect to make a fortune running an LPO, but it is necessary that we do achieve a level of remuneration that reflects the work we do, and the services we provide for the government. A corporate Postal Manager would earn between $50,000 to $100,000 per year with additional entitlements, do you? You do the same work, however you also bought the job with your investment, so you should also be earning an additional return on your investment. It is not unreasonable. It is a commercial expectation for every other business owner.

Yes, these are turbulent times, but as a business owner, and you need to work out if you can afford not to throw your hat in the ring, and make your stand. If you choose to do this, you will not be alone. Licensees need representatives that understand and accept the business model is flawed, and needs serious attention. None of us will survive if the industry representatives declare that 10 - 15 seconds is all it takes to deliver a parcel.

LPOG can achieve even more with your support and experience. We must overcome the hurdles that have isolated LPOs and encumbered remuneration growth. We truly are looking forward to a sustainable business model for LPOs and a constructive, consultative relationship with Australia Post.

Please consider your future in the LPO industry. If you wish to protect your investment, both short term and long term, becoming an LPOG Member could be the best business decision you will make. The louder the call for change the sooner it will be cemented in our agreements – we need you to help get this done.