A Message to Licensees from Christine

christine holgate - Government News


Dear Licensees,

It is with great sadness; that today I have offered the Chair and the Board my resignation as Chief Executive of Australia Post with immediate effect.  Attached is a copy of my Media Statement.

As Christmas approaches it is critically important that the business is absolutely focussed on supporting our customers and communities.  We have prepared significantly for this Peak, but we still face significant challenges, keeping our people safe, managing the biggest Christmas ever and planning in the face of unpredictable seasonal weather. I firmly believe the ‘ship’ needs a strong captain at the helm to help navigate the business through this.  The current issue I am managing is a significant distraction and I do not believe it is good for either Australia Post or my own personal wellbeing. Consequently, I have made the very difficult decision to resign, hoping the organisation can get fully focussed on serving our customers.

I have found the last ten days very disappointing and I believe continuing in a holding pattern puts my own health at significant risk, whilst continuing to distract the organisation and its leadership.

I cannot begin to write how important your support to me has been through-out this time.  When Angela first called me and challenged me to step up and continue, I was at a low point.  Your belief and support gave me the strength to continue.  As the days have continued, I am humbled with the literally hundreds if not thousands of letters of support, from customers, employees and many members of the public.  However, ten days in, I fear that continuing brings distraction to Australia Post’s leadership, our customers and more damage to my own wellbeing and consequently early this morning I made the very difficult decision to resign. In recognition of my thanks to you, I have offered, when I am able to do so, support you and your Board, in developing your strategies and ensuring your ongoing viability.  I have even offered to come and volunteer with you ahead of Christmas!

I deeply regret, that a gift I chose two years ago, to recognise the outstanding work of 4 employees, has caused so much debate and distraction and I appreciate in today’s eyes the optics of these gifts, do not pass the “pub test”.  I still believe firmly that the people who achieved the Bank@Post outcome for Australia Post deserved recognition.  The gifts were approved by the previous Chair, they were correctly accounted for, openly celebrated and I personally did not benefit at all from them.  I would never intentionally ever do anything to damage the Australia Post brand and if my comments have offended any of you, I sincerely apologise.

There is never a good time to leave a job and an organisation you love.  But loving Australia Post as I do, I know now is the right time to do this, as this gives the organisation you the best opportunity to get focussed ahead of a massive Christmas.

I am proud that I leave Australia Post growing again with a strong viable future ahead. And if I look back at my tenure, a true highlight has been for me, working with you all.  I have always deeply respected the significant personal investments you have made to carry our brand and I wish you every success in the future.

Yours sincerely,


And there goes the best CEO we are ever likely to have minding our businesses.