Missing November Message from the AP Chair

Please find a copy of the message that was published on POP on the 2nd Nov regarding Christine Holgate's alleged resignation. This has now disappeared from POP. Which is very interesting to say the least!

  Leadership Update - Resignation of Christine Holgate.pdf

And the original announcement of the whole mess and his assurance that he will update us as soon as possible when more information is available. Over his dead body was left off the notification seems....

A message from the Chair.pdf


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Oh dear ... think it might be the Chair going and not C1 :)
Thanks Angela

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Fingers crossed that your right BBT

Strikes me that the Government has him lined up to be the sacrificial lamb in all of this. At the end of the day they won't allow themselves to be seen in the wrong.

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Nice thought but why didn't they do it 3 months ago? Inside goss has been that they couldn't possibly sacrifice the Chair so it will need to be all dumped on the CEO because they didn't appoint her. They appointed the Chair so that would be the bad look. I hope they are seeing sense but they are very think. They have proved that over the last 4 months.

You are right, 3 months ago they did dump on the CEO, the difference now though, is that a pesky noisy group got noisy and a Senate review was announced. Will be interesting the ducking and weaving that is to come.

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is there any "official" or mainstream article we can point to that backs up the fact CH submitted her resignation with conditions that were not accepted by AP, making her resignation moot?

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No because the Chair went public and the Board have been trying ever since to convince her to agree to the conditions they imposed, which she will not do. It will all come out in the inquiry if they let it get that far. Be astounding if they do, but I am no longer surprised about any of this now, so I guess we wait and see.
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Another one that was deleted was CH 1st memo after she became CEO. Not able to open.