A Most Concerning Thing......

Last week many Licensees, (not many LPOG members, mostly POAAL members, and Licensees holding mail contacts it seems) received the standard request for Public Liability certificates, but for your future year's insurance cover, to be supplied by 6 June, 2018.

So someone within Australia Post is telling Licensees to pay your Public Liability insurance 6-7 weeks in advance, to provide them with a certificate 4 weeks before your existing policy is even close to expiring. 

LPOG has challenged the validity of this mail out, and whoever authorised this, and advised concerned Licensees to ignore the notice, and to renew their insurance, as and when it falls due, as is required under our agreements. 

To further add to the concerns, often received in the same mail tubs was the POAAL renewal notice, followed by an email newsletter following through on the theme that Post is already asking for proof of 2018-2019 Insurance cover, and POAAL seems to have no issue with that. In fact, they suggest that POAAL can help with that by you paying your membership online immediately, and then they will email your future insurance certificate to you, 5 weeks before your existing one expires. 

Obviously POAAL has no concerns for Licensees' cash flow challenges, unless, maybe, POAAL has the same cash flow challenges that Licensees have. Why would anyone buy a new insurance policy, when the one you currently have in place is valid for a further 6 weeks? 

Another concerning aspect of this, is that these letters traditionally start arriving in Sept/Oct/Nov, and on and on (we don't need to discuss the aspect that it seems to make no difference how many times you send it in, the request still keeps coming) for our current Public Liability insurance certificates if they have not been recorded as received - as Australia Post needs to confirm we do have current Pub Liab insurance. The letters received last week, by many Licensees, were seeking renewal certificates for next financial year's (future) Insurance, to be delivered to Australia Post by 6 June, this financial year. This is unheard of, and uncalled for. The time to renew your insurance requirements is within days of your existing policy expiring, as is standard industry policy, and has been the process for Licensees for 2 decades at least.

A strong smell of rat is pervading around this and that is the biggest concern of all.