No closures of LPOs in Victoria under Stage 4 lockdown

UPDATE FOR MELBOURNE AND SOME VICTORIAN RETAIL OUTLETS: AP have just been advised that the 2/3rds staffing rule will impact DC and sorting facilities, so that will mean PO Box mail will be delayed into Melb LPOs, and probably further down the line to most Victorian outlets tomorrow morning. Please be aware that if you have sorters rostered for early sorting of POB mail, it may not be there at the usual time. It is unclear at this stage what the changes will be like, so it will take a while for this to be worked into a schedule. We will hear more about this during Monday business hours.

There has been media talk, including talkback radio this morning in Melb with Christine Holgate and neil Mitchell, about Post Offices having to close down in Melbourne due to the update from the Government in regard to retail trading for Stage 4 lock downs requiring reduction of staff numbers. If you are a sole operator, or a 2 man show, it is impossible to reduce the staff by 1/3rd. Our CEO has raised the issue with Government and the media and adjustments have now been made.  

LPOs are now excluded from that regulation, however it is now even more essential than ever that we all adhere strictly to the Covid-19 safety plans that have been in place since early March. Please ensure your customers are required to adhere to those safety plans and help reduce the spread of this virus where ever possible. So far there has been zero virus transfers within the Post Office network between retail staff  and our customers. Lets keep that up by staying vigilant.