Our New CEO

The next CEO for Australia Post has been confirmed this morning as Ms Christine Holgate.

Chairman Announces Next Australia Post CEO.pdf

Our business has undergone some very long overdue structural reform over the last few years, which might have been controversial and unpopular, but were no less necessary. While there are many licensees who are still looking for a lot more to ensure a sustainable future, the point must be that there are still many licensees operating LPOs.

4 years ago, there were very few of our member licensees that thought they would be operating a post office 12 months down the track.  So to be in a far better shape now than we were 4 years ago, with the majority of our foundation members still operating their LPOs, or for those that did finally attract a long awaited sale, due to the improved business outcomes for LPOs and Australia Post, credit needs to go where credit is deserved. Australia Post has been dragged kicking and screaming through change, and we have all come out far better than when we started.  Would we have done it the same way? There is probably a multitude of different answers to that question. But one person was paid to do the job, and did the very hard yards with most of the country screaming down his neck at the same time, day in and day out. Our next CEO is from a retail base, and should be able to build on to a restructured and reinvented business, so we can continue to operate our LPOs, and keep calling for better outcomes for Licensees.

So from a perspective of a Licensee who did survive the expected end of life 4 years ago, and the Chairperson of LPOG, I wish to thank Ahmed Fahour for the pain he took on for all of us to keep this business operational. There is no secret that LPOG wanted much more, as that is our job, but as a surviving Licensee, I appreciate the mammoth job Ahmed has done pulling a 200 year old business, with very entrenched ways and people, including many many licensees, into the bright lights of the future.

We look forward to the potential of our future, but we are thankful for the position we are in today, because a very well paid CEO stood the ground against all the opposition, and did the job.

We wish you the best for your future Mr Ahmed Fahour, and if you are off to Amazon, you know we love to deliver!